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Public Comment Section

The public is given 3 minutes each to address the Board at the beginning of the Board meeting. If you know in advance that you will be addressing the Board at this time, you may submit a written request to do so. You must provide the topic to be discussed. Those speakers who have not submitted a request in advance will be heard at the end of the Board meeting. Only those speakers who have notified us in advance will be recognized during the Public Comment section at the beginning of the meeting. Please submit your requests to: Nancy Bogart, Executive Assistant, Manhattan Beach Unified School District, 1230 Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 400, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. All requests should be received by Mrs. Bogart no later than Tuesday, the week before the Board meeting. All requests received after this date will be deferred until the next Board meeting.

Agenda Items

The Board of Trustees encourages your participation in its deliberations and has tried to make it convenient for you to express your views to the Board. If you wish to address the Board on an agenda item, please obtain a card that is on the table in the lobby along with copies of the agenda; fill the card out completely and give it to the Recorder. Please turn your card in prior, to the beginning of the meeting. The Recorder will see that your card is presented to the President of the Board of Trustees, who will call upon you at the appropriate time during the discussion of that agenda item. At regular meetings, the Board will follow this format for major agenda items:

- staff presentation
- preliminary Board and staff discussion
- audience participation
- Board deliberation and decision if appropriate

During study sessions and special meetings, this format may vary. If you wish to address the Board on an item that is not on the agenda, please do so during the Public Comment section at the beginning of the meeting. Board members are legally prohibited from discussing nonagenda items and, therefore, will not respond to items presented in the Public Comment section.

Board agendas are very full and time is limited. For that reason, we request that you speak only once on an item and that you limit your remarks either when addressing an agenda item or when speaking in the Public Comment section to a maximum of three minutes.

A citizen may place an item on the Board agenda if the written request and supporting information are received in the Superintendent's Office no later than Tuesday noon of the week preceding a regular Board meeting. The speaker will be allowed three minutes at the meeting to present the information to the Board. Following this presentation the Board may address the issue, may put the issue on a future agenda for more discussion and action, or may refer the issue to the administration for follow-up.


1230 Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 400
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266



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