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Analysis of Due Process and Mediation
- Expanded Version
Manhattan Beach Unified School District - As of: July 7, 2001


[The chart entitled “Due Process/Mediation-Expanded Version” is a compilation of records found on the SEHO due process database through August 15, 2000, as well as data referenced in MBUSD’s Consent Calendars for cases active during the 1998-1999, 1999-2000 school years through 06/30/00 and continuing into the 2000-2001 school year.  The information provided below summarizes the chart data.  Please note that SEHO records are maintained by calendar year, while MBUSD records are kept by school year.  Also note that MBUSD’s Consent Calendars make reference to several cases for which SEHO case numbers were not referenced.  As we do not know the opening dates for these cases, they have been placed at the end of the chart.  These entries may relate to SEHO cases referenced with a SEHO #].


Background Data


According to SEHO’s due process index, cases were filed against MBUSD as follows:


1995 - 1 case

1996 - 4 cases

1997 - 8 cases

1998 - 4 cases

1999 - 21 cases

2000 - 13 cases [as of 08/15/00]


Total cases filed with SEHO from 1995 to the present [10/03/00] - 52 cases


According to MBUSD Consent Calendars active cases during our review were commenced in the following years:


1996 - 1 case

1997 - 1 case

1998 - 4 cases

1999 - 21 cases

2000 - 13 cases

No year indicated - 8 cases


Total case entries in Consent Calendars - 48 cases


Total cases currently open with SEHO [as of 10/03/00]: 17


Of the seventeen (17) cases MBUSD presently has open, ten (10) were filed in 2000.  In addition to any education or legal costs the district pays on behalf of students and their parents, the district will also incur its own legal fees. 


[Note: To see how cases filed in 2000 compares with those filed in 1999, as of 04/30/99 only 8 new cases had been filed against MBUSD, yet by the end of 1999, there was a total of 21 open cases against the district. As the current filings against MBUSD for the year 2000 totaled 9 cases as of 04/30/00, last year’s filings had already been surpassed by this year’s filings.   Only 1/3 of the year 2000 had elapsed, yet the district was already almost ½ way to the total number of cases filed in 1999.  As of 10/03/00, the district has had 13 cases filed against it in this year alone.]


A total of 15 cases reflected on the attached “Due Process/Mediation” chart have generated educational and/or legal costs for which MBUSD is responsible:


1 case was filed in 1997 - 97-0535

2 cases were filed in 1998 - 98-0873, 98-1767

5 cases were filed in 1999 - 99-0115, 99-0356, 99-0475, 99-0535, 99-0755

2 cases were filed in 2000 - 00-0174, 00-0683

6 entries which have generated ed and/or legal costs have unknown file dates because the Co