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Guide to Billing for Services under AB88

AB 88 is the Mental Health Parity Law in California . This law went into effect in January 2000, after the governor signed it into law on Sept. 27, 1999.  It also applies to anyone, not just children! If you want to have a thorough understanding of this law, and how you might use it, you should consult with an attorney and  be sure to read Chris Angelo’s updated information related to AB 88. 2002 California Best Practices

Autism is one of the disorders covered under this law.
Other disorders covered are:
Schizoaffective disorder
Bi-polar disorder, (manic-depressive illness)
Major depressive disorders
Panic Disorder
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Pervasive -Developmental Disorder or autism (this include's all of the
PDD disorders in the DSM IV)
Bulimia nervosa

  1. Check out the analysis of AB 88 done by Christopher Angelo, Esq., who is one of the authors of this law, and the father of a son with autism.  AB 88 Updated 030405.PDF
  1. If you are in California and you have difficulty submitting a claim for services to your insurance company, contact California's Dept. of Managed Care at 
  1. Use the template below, which was created by one of our “ASK” mom’s who is the mother of two children with autism and also a lawyer. She created this template in consult with Chris Angelo, Esq.
  1. Also include with your letter, the documentation that supports ABA with research, provided to us by LA FEAT, at the "autism/early intervention link below."

Here is the template letter:

For a bibliography of data based research of autism/early intervention.



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