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Acronyms used in Special Education

AUT: Autism
BICM: Behavior Intervention Case Manager
CAHSEE: California High School Exit Exam
C.C.R.: California Code of Regulations
CDE: California Dept. of Education
CAL. ED. CODE: California Education Code
C.F.R.: Code of Federal Regulations
C.C.S. California Children Services
DB: Deaf- Blind
DD: Developmental Delay
DS: Down Syndrome
DMH: Department of Mental Health
DHS: Department of Health Services
DIS: Designated Instruction Services
DR.: Dept. of Rehabilitation
DSS: Department of Social Services
ED: Emotionally Disturbed
HH: Hard of Hearing
FAPE: Free Appropriate Public Education
HRC: Harbor Regional Center 
HSEE: High School Exit Exam
IDEA: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IEP: Individualized Education Program
IFSP: Individualized Family Service Plan
IPP: Individual Program Plan

IQ: Intelligence Quotient
LCSW: Licensed Clinical Social Worker
LEA: Local Education Agency
LEP: Limited English Proficient
LRE: Least Restrictive Environment
MD: Multiple Disabilities
MFCC: Marriage, Family, Child Counselor
MH: Mentally Handicapped
MR: Mental Retardation
OCR: Office of Civil Rights
OSEP: Office of Special Education Programs
OSERS: Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
OT/PT: Occupational Therapy/ Physical Therapy
RSP: Resource Specialist Program
SDC: Special Day Class
SEA: State Educational Agency
SEHO: Special Education Hearing Office
SELPA: Special Education Local Planning Area
SGI: Small Group Instruction

SLD: Specific Learning Disability
SLI: Speech/Language Impairment
STAR: Standarized Testing and Reporting
TBI: Traumatic Brain Injury
VI: Visual Impairment



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