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Advocates for Special Kids - ASK
Manhattan Beach

In order to highlight progress being made in our nationís schools in providing a supportive and quality education to an increasingly diverse student population, and to send a positive message with regard to the value Manhattan Beach Unified School District places on ALL children receiving such an education, ASK hereby requests that MBUSD place a Resolution on its December 5th, 2001 board agenda recognizing December 3-7, 2001 as:

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National Inclusive Schools Week 

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National Inclusive Schools Week is organized by the National Institute for Urban School Improvement to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of teachers, administrators, students and parents across the country who are working to make their schools more inclusive, and thereby, significantly contributing to the development of a more inclusive society. National Inclusive Schools Week will also provide an important opportunity for educators, students, and parents to discuss what else needs to be done to ensure that our schools continue to strive toward successfully educating ALL children.

"What Are Inclusive Schools? Inclusive Schools -

*    make sure each and every student feels welcome and is learning
*    embrace the understanding that every student is unique and, therefore, learns differently
*    understand that all children - students with and without disabilities, English language learners, those with special talents - learn better if teaching is tailored to their abilities and interests
*    collaborate with families
*    hold high expectations for student success,
*    and keep improving."

Advocates for Special Kids - Manhattan Beach -
National Inclusive Schools Week 
- December 3-7, 2001