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November 9, 2000


Board of Trustees
Manhattan Beach Unified School District
1230 Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 400
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Re: November 15, 2000 School Board Meeting Agenda

Dear President Campbell and Members of the Board:

On Tuesday, November 7, 2000, in compliance with the Board's new policy for community participation (reflected in the document entitled "How to Address the Board of Trustees" sent out as part of the November 1, 2000 board packet), Dona Wright delivered to Nancy Bogart, a written request and supporting information related to a presentation to the board ASK wished to have placed on the agenda for the November 15, 2000 school board meeting.

On Wednesday, November 8, 2000, Mrs. Wright received a telephone call from Nancy Bogart with regard to ASK's submission. In that conversation, Ms. Bogart informed Mrs. Wright that President Campbell and Superintendent Jerry Davis had determined that ASKís presentation would first have to go before the districtís Advisory Board for Special Education for their approval, before it could be presented to the school board. When Mrs. Wright informed Ms. Bogart that Linda Jones had already indicated she would be presenting the video to the ABSE at their next meeting, Ms. Bogart stated that the entire presentation would have to go before the ABSE before ASK would be allowed to have this item agendized.

We refer you to the new policy the Board not only discussed at the October 18, 2000 board meeting, but adopted and then circulated as part of the November 1, 2000 board packet, and again discussed at the November 1, 2000 meeting, to wit:

"A citizen may place an item on the Board agenda if the written request and supporting information are received in the Superintendent's Office no later than Tuesday noon of the week preceding a regular Board meeting."

As stated above, we provided the request and supporting materials to Ms. Bogart in accordance with the time frame stated in the policy. Therefore, we have complied with the policy and would respectfully request that this item be agendized in accordance with it.

Most sincerely,


Marilyn Barraza 

Dona Wright

Deborah Blair Porter




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