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Positive Behavior Plan Samples and Templates

Positive Behavior Support Plan
(example for middle-school age Asperger's or ASD child)

Name:            ___________              IEP/ “504”: date:

Behavior impacting learning is: awkward social situations, fear avoidance, obsessive/repetitive thoughts, self-stimulating behavior, no internal regulatory “sensors” to move forward while experiencing tasks too demanding or difficult, excessive “doodling/drawing” whenever a verbal-teaching opportunity takes place,  possible abusive verbal outbursts

It impedes learning because:  is unavailable for learning while experiencing the above behaviors, and the teacher is distracted along with the other students

Estimate of current severity of behavior problem:  mild to moderate

Current frequency/intensity/duration of behavior: daily self-stimulatory behaviors, frequent doodling/drawing, outbursts- 1-2 /month for extended periods of time if it becomes a “power-struggle”

Current predictors for behavior:  unexpected change in routine, projects that demand motor-planning or are not immediately understood, too much sensory stimulation at the same time, teacher demands to repeat a task, illness of self or others, unstructured activity, teasing by peers

What should student do instead of this behavior: express verbally to an adult if he does not understand a task, feels anxious, angry, or overstimulated, learn to develop self regulatory relaxation techniques

What supports the student using the problem behavior: misunderstanding and misinterpretation by adults of his communicative intent

Behavioral Goals/ Objectives related to this plan: development of age appropriate coping and social skills, anger management and self-regulatory skills, and developing appropriate verbal communication

To achieve this outcome, both teaching of new alternative behavior & reinforcement is needed.......yes

To achieve this outcome, reinforcement of alternative behavior alone is

To achieve this outcome, environmental supports are needed.........................................................yes

Are curriculum accommodations necessary? yes   
Is there a curriculum accommodation plan? 
   To be developed         

Teaching Strategies for new behavior instruction: intervention with positive replacement behaviors, anticipating and preventing the antecedents causing behavior, ignoring inappropriate behavior whenever possible but immediately rewarding all appropriate behavior, intervention assistance with difficult social interaction and role playing  By:  aide, teacher, speech and language therapist, and DIS counselor, parents Frequency: all the time until a new desired behavior is well established

Environmental structure and supports, time/space/materials/interactions: a  designated “safe place” for establishment of self regulatory coping mechanisms, acknowledgement by adults to allow ____ his “space” and time to “regroup”, seating close to teacher, but allowing space to “spread-out”in order to avoid confrontation with fellow students, adult support is needed during any group/social interaction or activity by engaging in role playing and social skills training or stories, or to keep him on task with the activity at hand

By: aide, teacher, speech and language therapist, and DIS counselor, Who monitors?  Inclusion specialist

Reinforcers/ rewards: a reward system, with a foundation based on a motivator,(NINTENDO), to be developed by parents, inclusion specialist and teachers, aversive, negative disciplinary techniques will only exacerbate undesired behaviors , upon resistance to a task, allow ______ to “regroup” and then  readjust the task with flexibility in achieving a goal of completion immediately rewarding any compliance to finish the task By: aide, teacher, speech and language therapist, and DIS counselor, parents Frequency  all the time until a new desired behavior is well established

Reactive strategy to employ if behavior occurs again: avoid power struggles, allow ______ to regroup in his “safe-place”, validate his feelings and encourage him to express verbally his frustration, anger, and anxiety etc.

By: aide, teacher, speech and language therapist, parents

Monitoring results and communication: options: daily, weekly reports,  in “Weekly Planner”by teachers, reward system will be “tracked” in writing by teachers and given to inclusion specialist bi-weekly- the inclusion specialist will meet with teachers, aide,  speech therapist, and DIS counselor bi-weekly  or more often as needed until the team has established that _______ is adequately supported and developing the desired appropriate behaviors and moving in a “parallel” academic direction with his non-disabled peers.

(Working document for in-services on behavior, Diana Browning Wright, So. Cal. Diagnostic Center, CA. Dept. of Education)

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