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1.This chart reflects due process and mediation activity referenced on MBUSD Consent Calendars which occurred during the years 07/98-06/99 and 07/99-06/00. It does not reflect all SEHO activity per the SEHO chart, as some of that activity predated the Consent Calendars used in our analysis. [See SEHO database printout]  To the extent that the Consent Calendars do not reference specific SEHO numbers or reference resolution by mediation agreement only, such entries have been listed at the end of the index.  

2. Account numbers are correlated to entries listed in the order the amounts appear in each row, e.g. account numbers for ed costs are listed before account numbers for legal costs, and thereafter are in chronological order. 

3. Note that 05/12/99 Consent Calendar at Page 5 and at Agenda Note Pg. 62A incorrectly identify the SEHO case number as SN873-99.  SEHO lists it as 873-98.  See also consent calendar for 05/17/00 at Pg. 3, Item 8 where this same number is again referenced.

4. Because there is no information about case numbers for these mediations, nor beginning or end dates, the agreement date or the date services began was used for these cases. Please note that these cases may, in fact, still be open, and as well, may also actually relate to a numbered case listed above.

5. District responsible for 50% per AB602.

6. School district legal fees listed in this column are derived from a March 8, 2000 chart prepared by Scott Smith and provided at that school board meeting, as supplemented by the districtís response at the July 19, 2000 school board meeting to June 28th ASK statements regarding legal fees incurred



Additional Cases and entries as reflected in the Consent Calendars of MBUSD beyond school year 1999-2000 [beyond 06/30/2000] - As of:

08/16/00 Consent Calendar

Page 3 Item C.17, C.18 - Mediation - settlement - Ed Costs $20160.00. AB 602 applies Acct. 03-5811-90099200-0016. At Agenda Note 71, this is Case No. SN 1767-98.

Page 4 Item C.26 - settlement of SEHO SN 683-00. [This is the Grossman case.] Ed Costs $5500.00. Account number 03-5812-90099500-0016


Page 2 - item C.9 - settlement of SEHO SN 174-00. Reimbursement of ed costs of $17248.00. Acct. 03-5812-90099500-0016

Page 3, Items C.11-13 [?] Mediation Agreement Case Number SN 535-99. Individual Service Contract with CARD. $47160.00. Acct. 03-5811-90099200-0016

Page 3, Item C.14 Mediation Settlement Case Number SN 755-99, Individual Service Contract with CARD. $13800.00. Acct. 03-5811-90099200-0016

Page 3 Item C.16 Mediation Agreement [no SEHO number], Individual Service Contract with Steve Kaufman and Associates. $2760.00. Acct. 03-5811-90099200-0016

Page 4, Item C.17, 18 IEP and Mediation Settlement [No SEHO number], Individual Service Contract with Julia Ann Singer/VISTA school. $30017.10. Acct. 03-5811-90099100-0016.



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