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10. There is always a certificated employee (special education teacher, resource specialist or other) assigned to supervise and assist any classified staff (e.g., paraprofessional) working with specific students in general education classrooms.




Special education students who are fully included are considered a part of the total class count for class size purposes. In other words, even when a student is not counted for general education ADA, s/he is not an "extra" student above the contractual class size.


12. General ability awareness is provided to staff, students and parents at the school site through formal or informal means, on an individualized basis. This is most effective when ability awareness is incorporated with general education curriculum.


13. Plans exist for transition of students to next classes and schools of attendance in inclusive situations.


14. Districts and SELPAs obtain any necessary waivers of the Education Code to implement supported education.


15. Supported education efforts are coordinated with school restructuring at the district and site level.


In summary, all students are members of the general education classroom, with some students requiring varying levels of support from special education. Hence the term "Supported Education." This term though synonymous with "Full Inclusion," is explicit in acknowledging the importance of providing support services within the regular classroom, when necessary, to ensure a quality educational program.


PEERS 1992

With appreciation to Dr. Wayne Sailor, "Special Education in the Restructured School" Remedial and Special Education, 12, 6 (1991).

[1992 DRAFT - Authors: Neary, T.; Halvorsen, A.: & Smithey, L. Inclusive Education, Sacramento, PEERS Project.]





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