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Grade to Grade
Elementary to Middle School
Middle School to High School

Developed by
Harbor Regional Center Inclusion Support Group
Advocates for Special Kids

Timing is EVERYTHING - in other words start early in the spring planning for next fall
or the next track for your child's school year.

Action Person(s) Responsible  Timeline

Request IEP for transition to next school year Parent, Inclusion Specialist
classroom teacher
March, Early April
to be held in 30 days
Contact site principal to share information and initiate planning Parent, Inclusion Specialist before the IEP
Look at classes for next year. Include RSP and SDC for Children moving into middle and high school Parent, program specialist
site principal, inclusion specialist
Student if appropriate


before the IEP
Select teacher(s), and class(es) *consider characteristics &
behavior of other students assigned to the class
(group dynamics)
 *adjust class size and makeup as needed
*maintain natural proportion of
students with and without
*consider teaching style in
relation to student learning
style, interest, experience,
other site responsibilities


Site principal with suggestions from
inclusion specialist, program specialist
Parent input


before the IEP
or following the IEP
but before the current
school year ends.


Hold IEP
*determine placement
*determine needed support
services (e.g., Instructional
aide support, DIS services, health
technical services)
*develop goals and objectives
IEP Team  Within 30day time line

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